Creative material for interior and fashion design

We appreciate Nature’s beauty and diversity. With our products we would like to exhibit the uniqueness of plants.

We believe that viaplant can mediate nature into our homes.


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the material

We gave a second thought to the idea of urban green waste management.

We find beauty in such invasive species that we usually try to get rid of e.g. ragweed, reed or goldenrod and make Viaplant from them.

Viaplant contains only the renewable plant parts i.e. leaves and flowers with regeneration cycle of one year or less.

The plants retain their colour and natural character, thanks to the special care during the manufacturing process.

With diligent work, we created a composite panel with unique aesthetic values.

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It became our passion to design artistic details using engineering skills.Our greatest inspiration is the unlimited diversity of Viaplant.


for designers

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