VIAPLANT © is a plant-based creative material for the interior design, furniture and fashion industries. Our greatest inspiration is the boundless diversity of nature. We believe that Viaplant can mediate its stunning beauty and atmosphere into out homes.

mark of nature and engineering design


We re-imagined the re-use of plant parts generated and discarded during the maintenance of urban green spaces. Amongst others we also see beauty in aggressively spreading invasive species (e.g. ragweed, reed, Canadian goldenrod, etc.) as well, and re-utilise them. We only use plant parts – leaves and flowers – whose regeneration cycle is one year or less. We consider as very important the local sourcing of all our natural materials, and that the entire work process is carried out in Hungary.


it’s not ‘like that’, it’s ‘exactly that’


Viaplant does not imitate nature, but is one and the same. Using real plants, it creates texture and appearance rich in colour and detail, and emits a wholly unique atmosphere once light shines through.


always stylish


Thanks to the durable materials used and the aesthetics of nature, Viaplant does not follow passing trends, but opts for the truly long-term.


material’s second layer is its story


Wall tile, specials, lamp or furniture – Where the given plant comes from and what its story is makes all the difference. A leaf from a 500-year old linden, grass from a famous football pitch or a recycled bride’s bouquet. Tradition and heritage that we can relate to.



The flowers of smallweed recall summer meadows. The contrasting, abstract pattern of the panel reminds us of Simon Hantai’s painting. The exciting design is even more pronounced when lit.



The flowers of bushgrass give a friendly homogeneous tone with the straw background, but when illuminated, it summons its exciting characteristics.



A combination of gray and green. The colours of the oleaster leaves give the exciting texture of eleagna panel.



The patulous flowers of reed, with a straw backdrop, generate a flowing pattern and a busy, vibrant image.
Characterised by soft texture and a golden brown hue, it is a model that can be illuminated to great effect.



Poa natur panel contains grass blades with vivid green colour. The colour is extremely well preserved due to the special drying process we use.



This panel is made of goldenrods flowers. The vivid yellow flowers stand out very well on green or brown background



The exciting views of the bright red autumn leaves create a cheerful atmosphere. Foli rubrum, when illuminated, resembles glowing coals.



The Foli flavi panel made of yellow leafs represents one of the most dominant colors of the autumn forest. We recommend it for light shade lovers.



This panel captures the atmosphere of a mature forest floor and the warm tones of spring.



We associate painted hay with endless opportunity. The texture with its playfulness and unpretentious appearance, enriches the interior of any home.



Roses have been bred and cultivated for millennia for their decorative value. When illuminated, they create an atmosphere just as mystical as the stories weaved around them.



This panel brings out the natural warm tones of dry straw that evokes the feeling of  hay field. When backlit triticum frames a stunning and rich picture.

2100 x 1100 x 3-4 mm


~3,8 kg/m2


water resistance
water resistant, water repellent; enclosing treatment of open edges necessary in wet conditions


fire resistance
based on the test result of the msz en iso 11925-2:2011 standard, it was classified as ‘e’ in accordance with the msz en 13501-1:2007+a1:2010 standard


UV resistance
uv resistant, possibility of sligth fading


trimming mashine, bort tools


fastening technology
adhesive bonding, frame, clip fastening



Viaplant material is made using real plants. Like amber that captures the history of life Viaplant encapsulates nature’s artistic performance. It preserves the details, colors and texture of the plants, creating a unique and inimitable pattern for each piece.

A boldogító „igen” megőrzése



The work of Viaplant is fundamentally determined by the idea that the objects around us have an added value that will make them really important, lovable and memorable to us.
In our creative work, we base this on the relationship between man and nature, on what can be said that this connection can carry.

Hedron Play fű asztali lámpa



The second layer of material is the place of origin of the plant. The result of Viaplant’s creation is therefore not just a lamp or furniture – but a story, a message, a memory. The plant preserved in Viaplant can tell about its historical past, the everyday life of a city and its inhabitants, or personal stories connected to us.

Maison & Objet, Paris 2020


Viaplant marks another milestone in 2020. On January 17, the Salon Maison et Objet, one of the world’s most significant interior design exhibitions, opens. It is a great pleasure and honor for us that Viaplant has also taken part in this large-scale event this year, where the greats of the profession can see us. Thanks to the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency for opening the gates of the world to us.

London Design Fair, 2019


September 2019 was also a huge milestone and challenge for Viaplant. You could meet us at two exhibitions at the same time. We have been faithful to previous years at the S/ALON Budapest Home Trend Exhibition and for the first time this year we had the opportunity to showcase on the international stage at the London Design Fair.

S/ALON Budapest, 2019


We had an amazing time at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019. We are really happy that we could meet and talk with so many people who decided to stop by our stand. There seem to be a great interest in the things we have created. Big thank you to S/ALON BUDAPEST and Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency and Design Agency for inviting us to the event. Thank you Sixay furniture and Hunik Design for the gorgeous furniture! We are happy that our lamps could contribute to the appearance of Biofília exhibiton stand designed by Terpák Mónika EnteriőrtervezőAnd last but not least thank you to all our dear visitors for all the good words and encouragements!

Organiser: MosBuild 2019
Award: audience award
Category: wall finishing materials

Organiser: MosBuild 2020
Award: audience award
Category: lighting and electrical engineering

Organiser: MosBuild 2020
Award: professional jury award
Category: lighting and electrical engineering