/ Art by nature

The goal of Viaplant has always been more than developing a new decorative material. Aesthetics, thoughtfulness, and the creation of objects are just as decisive in the work, as are the search for the integration of nature and art.

The sight and aesthetics of nature is impressive in itself, and the immersion in its structures directs thinking to a metaphysical plane. The role and way of art has changed and expanded a lot over the centuries, but it is basically a human activity. This is why the opportunity to create objects as a fusion of nature and human creativity as part of a conscious, but sometimes random process is exciting. Be it furniture, lamps or illuminated murals.

The natural development of the plant, the selection and collection of leaves, inflorescences, fruits, and the recontextualization are all part of the creative process. They are a kind of ready-mades, but here nature is the primary creator and man places it in a new role. Each object is unique and unrepeatable. It is conceptual, but it affects emotions through its aesthetics..

The Quadrum with a tighter look acts as a wall picture, Quadrum Lean lightly leans against the wall giving a worthy look for nature’s stunning, formal performance.

However, Quadrum Art makes a subtle reference. The passepartout used in the picture serves as a frontier in the world of art. It suggests that what is realized here can be said to be l’art par nature – art by nature.



The history and place of origin of the plant used provide real validity and value. Sites of folk traditions, legends or famous battles., aged trees of cultural value tied to places that are important to us and tell the stories of generations. Something that really makes these items personal.



More information can be found on the Quadrum page!