Viaplant started as an art project back in 2015 – led by Tájék Art Group – in response to an invitation from the City of Pilsen – European Capital of Culture.
Consequently, the concept continued to evolve and today Viaplant is an independent brand – Viaplant® is a composite panel with UV and frost-proof properties.


Due to the natural ingredients, hand picking and processing, all our panels are unique. Similarly to vintage wine which carries the character of its region and harvest year. This variety is what makes our products different.


Viaplant contains only the renewable plant parts i.e. leaves and flowers with regeneration cycle of 1 year or less.
The plants retain their colour and natural character, thanks to the special care during the manufacturing process.


Viaplant panels are lighter and thinner than other materials of similar application due to the innovative material composition and unique manufacturing technology. Viaplant is 1.2 kg/m2/mm. Compared to conventional tiles our panels are only quarter the weight.


The Viaplant panels can be cut to any size using conventional joinery equipment, thus the size and shape of the final product is restricted only to the imagination.


Viaplant has light transmitting properties, due to its material composition, and for this reason opens up new perspectives in the field of interior design as well as for applicaiton in the lighting industry.


Viaplant’s organic material comes solely from domestic sources with no exception. It is very important for us to source our materials locally. The entire process from collecting the raw material to the final product is done in Hungary.