The design of Columna lamps and furniture was guided by the clean design, ease of use and the visual appeal of the material.

When designing the Hedron, aesthetic and practical functions were firmly in mind. In addition to decorative solutions our improved version will provides new opportunities for the user with its functional light. It will also be available in a battery operated version, which can be taken out to a terrace or garden.

The OBLIQ furniture collection includes an illuminated nightstand and a coffee table, which combine natural textures, light, and functionality in their design. The modern proportions suggest elegance, while the color and texture of the illuminated plants produce a calm and serene atmosphere.

The distinctive feature of Viaplant panels is their opaque translucency, which create in a spectacular result when illuminated. Quadrum treats nature’s performance as a work of art. It displays the decorative, emotive surface that evokes nature as a picture or mood lighting in the interior.